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This website was set up for our 2018 live staged workshop and as of 10/24/22 is under construction.

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Octavia of Earth is a biographical musical about science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler. Primarily live theater, the show incorporates documentary film components in place of spoken dialogue. Tenderfunny, and magical, Octavia of Earth presents the human side of the mysterious founding mother of Afrofuturism. Octavia of Earth focuses on Butler’s early years as a child and adolescent in Southern California, as a young adult struggling to find a path forward for her creative aspirations, and as an established author of critical renown but limited commercial success. The production features original music by Itoro Udofia, T. Carlis Roberts, and Anand J.K. Kalra, with dance from award-winning choreographer Joslynn Mathis Reed and performances from longtime Bay Area artists Jazmine Applin and Vera Hannush.

Selected scenes premiered on June 14, 2018, presented by SafeHouse Arts as part of the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco. Additional showings are July 14 & 15 as part of SafeHouse’s Summer Performance Festival, and September 13 as a standalone production. All performances are at SafeHouse Arts, 145 Eddy St, San Francisco (close to Powell BART stop).

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